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It would be nice if there were something like this in Canada.
We've done some work in Canada but it's fairly old. If you get in a pinch for opportunities let me and Jasmine know - we could give you trial access to the LSF+ which has a handful! And eventually we'll just have them in the freemium LSF but that will mean a "dev cycle" or three on our end.
Hey @Garrett French,

I was curious if you guys ever find sponsorships that are 1-time costs or is it typically always an annual reoccurring fee?
I had no idea something like this was available, thank you for this! If there are opportunities for recurring sponsorships, that would be amazing!

Do you work with nonprofits? I'm on a board that is running very lean right now, this could be incredibly helpful!
We are thrilled to announce that ZipSprout is back as a sponsor for the April LocalU event! - the world’s only local sponsorship link building agency (our pitch deck - white label welcome) - is elated to announce the release of our Local Sponsorship Finder!


The Local Sponsorship Finder (LSF) is a FREE index of sponsorable events and organizations in the top 1000 most-populated cities of the United States.

Check it out now! >>

Also it’s, well, it’s free!

And you can spend JUST MINUTES - not hours - finding “linking verified” events and nonprofits in your clients’ target cities.

Once you log in and input your city (assuming it’s in the top 1000 most-populated US Cities...) you can download the top 50 results.

But... If you’re feeling advanced… our indexing process enables you to filter results by four key scores:

  • Outbound Link Count: we count the number of outbound links on the page, which helps determine which local opportunities actually link from their thank you pages.
  • Potentiality Score: we count and tabulate “onpage signals” that the page represents a sponsorable opportunity, such as the phrase “thanks to our sponsors.”
  • City Score: by cranking up on the city score you increase the likelihood of the organization being of or from the city you’re targeting. Because of our process the chances are already high, but this can help weed out some of the false-positives.
  • Social Media Presence: Want to make sure your clients get social media shout outs along with their links? Click the social media platform of your preference to increase your chance of increased social media reach.
And yeah. It’s FREE!

Check out the LSF now, y’all! >>

Darren Shaw (WhiteSpark) said we were CRAZY to make it free.

He said it in a nice way of course because he’s very kind. But he was also SERIOUS. And maybe we are crazy. But we also want to get the word out that our agency services save you EVEN MORE TIME than the LSF. So if you have link budget you should probably just contact us today for agency services - we can knock out most orders in about 2 weeks. And Greg Gifford ( said our new local sponsorship pricing model makes us an “Easy Yes.” (Download our pitch deck just so you have it, you know?)

OH! Almost forgot.

When you sign up for your FREE LSF account you also get our “Local Sponsorship Playbook” which will help you execute local sponsorship campaigns more quickly and with more efficiency! We didn’t tell Darren - he would probably have flipped out ;)


This has been another installment in the Local Search Forum promoted post series.

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