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Jul 19, 2019
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Does anyone know the current time it takes for Google to make a decision on a flagged review (if they are doing anything at all)?

I flagged a review from within the business account 27 days ago and it is still listed as "decision pending." I have also had a colleague flag the review from his personal account.

The review was left by a former employee. I have advised the client to keep the employee's profile live on the website so we can prove that there is a conflict of interest. The content of the review is very negative towards the owner of the company in particular.

Should I wait longer for Google?
Is there anything else I can do to escalate this?
Hi Shelly, can you share a screenshot of where you are looking at the "decision pending" notification?

I normally wait three days after flagging. Sometimes the email with the decision can take longer to come in though.

I would contact GBP support since it's been so long.
@Colan Nielsen I was using this tool: Manage your Google Business reviews - Google Business Profile Help

However - the review is now gone! I know the client was working on this as well. I am not sure if they finally convinced the reviewer to take it down or if the multiple flags worked. But, all is good now.

UPDATE - the client did convince the reviewer to remove the review.

Thank you for your response!
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