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Dec 8, 2014
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I am dealing with a cleaning website that has locations in multiple cities. Each location is owned by a different franchise owner and sometimes that franchise owner has rights to two locations.

Here's my issue - the franchise owner (and therefore their address) is not necessarily based in the same city/cities for which their business is run.

I am working on one city at time to do some optimization and my first city posed a challenge. Owner Joe is owns the franchise of Cleaning Business - City A - but lives in City B!

Owner Jill will own City X and Y but only lives in Z - and does not have rights to do business in city Z... so if there is a franchise owner that lives and cleans in city Z, we have a conflict in Google My Business.

I can't even set up this first location in BrightLocal as I don't have an address yet :)

My plan was to optimize the website, citations, links, FB of each location... but there is a wrench in my plan already!

Getting a business address in the city seems like the only solution :)

Hey Dar,

This is often the hardest part of onboarding clients with multiple locations. You are 100% correct you will need a business address in the city that they do business in if you want things to run smoothly.

It might also help to explain to the franchise owners that while it might not directly benefit them, cooperation with your efforts will get everyone more visibility and ROI in the long run.

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