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Jun 28, 2012
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Ed Reese just dropped an important gold nugget over at the Local U blog.

He explains how to segment Local search traffic in Google Analytics and then offers a free dashboard you can import into your own or client analytics.

How To Segment Local Search In Google Analytics (with Free Dashboard!)

A few weeks ago at Local University Advanced, I led a lab session session focused on local search analytics and how to better utilize advanced segmentation. We had great questions (as well as awesome suggestions) from an audience very eager to take a deep dive into local analytics. We could?ve easily taken another hour to go through all of the topics discussed during the session. It was awesome!

Then just a few days later Google launched the Knowledge Graph Carousel for Local Search. The impacts of this recent change have been researched by our own Mike Ramsey and Mike Blumenthal, Autorevo?s Greg Gifford, and others in addition to excellent coverage from Search Engine Land.

In my mind, this makes the perfect opportunity to discuss how to isolate and measure local search as well as take a look at the impact of Google Carousel and attempt to make sense of what this means for business owners and marketers.

Thanks for the great info Ed. Nice share!
Thanks Daniel!

I had already posted this earlier so merged threads so we could not have a split convo.

Thanks for posting it anyway though. You are such a good news hound and I always appreciate you sharing in case it's a story I miss. (Which happens often.) :)
For some reason I had a hint that I was going to double up this time, but I posted anyway. :(
No worries at all. Better to possibly double up than to skip a story assuming I may have already posted. But checking recent posts and search box would normally surface it if I did.

One thing is for certain. You have a keen eye for spotting the type of posts we like to share here, so keep 'em comin! :)

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