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Nov 8, 2012
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I just took over a new client that came from and they had setup a G+ profile and a business page but will not hand over the login information so we can take control of that account for the client. We do not want to create a duplicate of any of that so I was wondering if anyone knows of any contact information for Google to submit an issue like this to either get that deleted so we can start fresh or if there is anything we can do to get them to hand over the information without actually taking real legal action.
Grant this is all changing as we speak. Or maybe has already.

In training I gave you info about how to just reclaim a listing which you used to be able to do and maybe still can. BUT check this post with NEW info. It's all changing. No time to explain more and don't know any more than that.


Google is watching that thread and Colan and Keenan are staying on top of it all so maybe ask Qs there if no one helps you here in this thread.
I have been involved with a few FindLaw transitions and they did hand over the Google Places credentials. Has your client put sufficient pressure on the FindLaw sales rep?

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