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Apr 16, 2014
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I'm wondering if a G+ Business page, unverified, could be holding back a client from showing in the maps.

Here is his current G+ Local page:

Here is his side-business:

He didn't create the second page, and has been in contact with Google to remove it. The most they would do is un-verify it. His phone number isn't on the website anywhere, so perhaps someone thought they were being helpful? Anyways, could this be the culprit for having 0 map placement? Is there anything else you recommend trying to get rid of it?

Any glaringly obvious violations on his G+ Local that I missed? :p

Thanks :D :D :D
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You could mark the side business as Closed or Relocated through the maps.

I doubt that is the main problem on the lack of ranking, but I am no expert on Canada.
It's a business page, not a G+ Local.... so there's no way to mark it closed/relocated that I know of. It's the phone # that's the issue. No address in the business listing.

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