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Does the phone use in the law firm's GBP the same as this lawyer's profile? According to some local SEO here that works for law firms they do not suggest creating listing for every lawyer because this can cause confusion. Google will typically pick just one to display when they find listings using the same address, phone, and category.

Have you contacted the support before posting here and Google community forum? Here are the guidelines for GBP, and you can use this form for a reinstatement request.
@jvaquino Hi! Thanks for replying. Yes, we claimed that listing after we saw it appearing in search results; it's also one of the partners.

We did fill out a restatement form and are awaiting more information. Do you happen to know if we would be able to transfer our reviews to the attorney listing if, for some reason it doesn't get reinstated?
Well, I feel silly.


I've just updated the post and created a document with the information requested.

Thank you @JoyHawkins
Quick follow-up question: if we have received two messages from Google that state our GBP is not eligible to display (2022-07-22_10-26-31.png), should we attempt to start another listing for the same business?
Do you have signage at that location that clearly shows the firm is there? They have their own location, they're not sharing it right?

How many users are managing the listing?
That thread on the GBP community still isn't live so I would suggest reposting it.
Looks like Liz has replied already so if you haven't had it reinstated yet, give her the case ID + all the evidence you sent Google on that thread.
@tarantino75 i replied to the thread not realizing you had posted here too. I replied again, can you give me all the info in the thread so I can take a look?

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