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Jul 22, 2020
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Is it possible in Google Workspace to create separate accounts for Youtube, Ads, Analytics, GBP etc. under a user account? Our agency is thinking to use the Google Workspace platform instead of the individual free Gmail account for our clients, so the goal is to setup individual (separate) Google services accounts (Youtube, Ads, Analytcs, GBP etc.) for each of our client, do you think it's possible in Google Workspace under a user account? Thanks for the answer!
Possible yes, but depending on how you're setting up, you will incur additional fees ($6/user/month).

We have a "catch all" account configured. Any email that is not addressed correctly to an existing user in our system is then dumped into the "catch all" account.

We then create an alias in the "catch all" account like "" (our domain of course), and any emails that come in will then go into a filtered folder.

You will want to create the youtube accounts etc under that address BEFORE setting up the Google Ads. Once you configure Google Ads, that email address can no longer be used for other Google Services (weird quirk, but that's what we've found).

With all that said, we rarely use this method any more as so many clients have their own gmail or google account anyway. One disadvantage to using the above method is that the client may feel like they're held hostage if they wanted to move elsewhere. You'd need to transfer accounts etc etc. So from that regard, getting a new gmail just for them is usually best, then just assign yourself as an admin to the account. They have full control and can move agencies or bring in others as needed.
What @Conor Treacy suggested is great advice. In our case however, we handle things a bit differently for most of our clients. Many of our clients do not want to handle their GBPs, that is why they typically are using our services. We setup a client specific "group" or "distribution" email address on our domain similar to "" (which gets directed to the appropriate person on our team) and then setup a Google Account using that email address. You can use almost any email address (one exception below) to create a Google account, it doesn't have to be an address or an email address hosted by Google. We then ask or help the client delegate access to our specific account under their GBP and/or other Google properties.

However, I feel it is very important for the client to have an email address configured using their business domain whenever possible as the Admin/Owner of any Google property. We've had cases where an individual used a personal gmail address and then left the business. Without having access to that personal gmail account it can be very difficult getting access to the GBP. By having an email address that is owned by the businesses/client, it is much easier to remediate any issues due to a specific person leaving the business. It also seems to helps convey a a level of trust if you have to correspond with them using a domain owned by the business.

Going back to your question, it doesn't cost any additional money to setup a distribution email address on Workspace, however Google won't let you use a Workspace group email address to access Google properties such as GBP, Youtube, etc. So as Conor pointed out, you would have to create a new email address which has associated monthly costs or an individual gmail address, which may carry some potential risks.
Hi Conor and Jeff,

Thanks for your responses, appreciate it!

Following both of your advices (Conor's "catch all", Jeff's "distributon"), Is there a need for and limits of needing to have unique "cellphone" numbers to register a new Google account for each client - that our agency would use to have a central way for different members of our team to be able to connect (and reconnect as needed) our tracking, monitoring, reporting and posting tools (i.e. gohighlevel + YT and various GBP posting tools, Google Looker Studio etc) - which is our main use-case for us to create a google account for our clients?
No need for unique numbers. We use one of our cell phones and everything rolls through that - no issues.

The only time the phone number is really needed is for the initial verification when you forget a password, or it can't recognize an IP etc. Beyond that, it's not used. No need to get separate phone numbers just for access.

As far as multiple people needing access to verify codes etc - you might be able to setup a "ringcentral" or "google voice" number and that would allow people to access via a browser to see text messages to that number.

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