Aug 15, 2013
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In light of the Pigeon plight...

We know Google's algo factors the searcher's location, prominence, centroid, etc., but I am wondering how much value the presence of a geo-reference in the Page Title contributes to ranking in the 1-7 (I think we have all seen this range lately) Pack?

I have been scrutinizing a particular client's rank position in the Pack when the search query contains the geo-reference vs in lieu of the geo-reference. Fortunately, we maintain the number 1 spot in either case, but that doesn't really provide me with any further insights. I see some of the other listings shift, but that could be attributed to a multitude of on or off-page factors.

It seems I read something recently that suggested the geo-reference was no longer necessary to include in the Page Title insofar as On-Page SEO is concerned, but I am reluctant to drop-it from pages I know to be ranking well. Perhaps going-forward...

Any thoughts on this?
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