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Mar 15, 2016
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Get Your Local Search Answers: Experts and Resources


Get Your Local Search Answers: Experts and Resources

Local Search is a challenge for newbies and experts alike. Google frequently makes changes to their ranking factors, display, and SERPs. Keeping track of all of Google’s changes, let alone the diverse citation and online review site ecosystem that’s evolving, is like trying to pat your head while rubbing your stomach while twirling a baton–it’s harder than hard. And even the most minor
alterations can have a significant impact on small businesses.

Fortunately, there’s a strong neighborhood watch of Local Search experts, companies, and forums that are helping to keep us informed.

So where do we start?

Most blog posts become obsolete in mere months. There are many types of articles and forum posts out there that can still be useful, but always be wary of the post date when implementing the advice of a Local SEO article.

This collected assortment of experts, forums, and blogs will aid you in your quest for local search dominance.

I'm also very excited to share that Local Search Forum and some frequent contributors here were featured in the post. I love this forum as a resource!

Special thank you to Joy, Colan, and mborgelt for helping me out when I posted a request for some recommendations last week.

Did I miss anyone? Let me know!

This is awesome Garrett. Been waiting to see this one!

Thanks so much for the big mention of the forum and especially for linking to the forum profiles of so many of our pros! That was very cool!
Thank you Linda. So happy you enjoyed the post! I wholeheartedly believe that this forum is a fantastic resource. It was my pleasure to provide such a prominent portion of the post to LSF. :)
Geez Garrett, this post is intense. You really did your home work. This is an incredible resource, I'll definitely be linking people to it when someone's looking for a map. As always, you put together something well worth checking out, I dig it. Maybe I'll use this as a kick in the pants to finally start poking around on twitter...
Thank you James! You should definitely poke around twitter. Especially since many experts write many blog posts that they share on twitter. (Otherwise, it can be tricky to keep track).

I've become one of those people who gets most of their information from Twitter at this point.
James I have a list of most of the top local peeps and some SEO peeps if that helps you get started with who to follow.

I've always been a big Twitter fan but it's my main focus these days.

Thanks for sharing this on the G+ Pro Community too James. You're my main point man lately. Really appreciate you helping to spread the word on great posts like Garrett's!
I have nothing else to add, except that this post is amazing and full of brilliant SEO minds.
Very nice write up, and TBH I was just as impressed by the twitter card section. I didn't realize those flipped over until I hovered over, and thought the twitter bio addition was very cool! Creative addition to the article; very well done. Good stuff Garrett
Great resource and guide Garrett!
Thank you Eric! And you make a good point about UX. I went back to the post and edited in a note about how to trigger the cards. I don't want it to be a mystery surprise for some readers. I'm happy you dug em.
Bookmarked! I don't know if anyone has ever tried to gather a definitive resource for local such but i think this is the closest it would get. Anyone from a beginner to someone trying to learn and keep up on advanced strategy. Thanks, Garrett!
Late to the punch (busy last few days) but I wanted to thank you for the kind words Linda! I'll definitely be using that twitter resource, thanks for sharing it.
Very late to the party - family and work, argh - but thank you for the inclusion in the post Garrett, that was a big surprise :)

And definitely a great resource - I'll definitely be coming back to it a few more times to grab the links to those featured posts for further reading.

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