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Aug 8, 2012
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When i am logged into the client GMB listing, and in the EDIT section, i like to scroll down to the bottom and test each of the three links under VIEW YOUR BUSINESS ON GOOGLE. For this particular client, his Google Maps and Google+ links go to the correct pages but when i click on the Google Search link i get a 404 error.

Has anyone else seen this? Should i be concerned?

Google Maps goes here -->!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x3924f4ba810f0ded?hl=en

Google+ goes here -->

Google Search goes here --> Drive College Station, Texas 77845&hl=en
What search are you doing that results in the 404 error? I Googled "CGM Home Builders College Station Tx" and I was able to get to the Google+ (Google My Business) page you referenced. I just want to make sure we do the same search, so I can try to truly replicate the issue.
Eric -
I am logged into the client's GMB account, in the EDIT section. At the very bottom of the page are three links under VIEW YOUR BUSINESS ON GOOGLE. I am clicking the Google Search link when i get the error above. The other two are fine.
No Eric, it's the search link inside dash, at bottom of edit screen.

Shonda, not just you. In fact, think it may even be all listings.

It's a known issue and we've reported to Google and I told them that URL the bad link lands on with all the & signs (your last link) looked malformed and buggy. But have not gotten word back on what's up or when it will be fixed.

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