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Jan 20, 2024
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Hi -- I went to add a client's location to apple maps today, and I'm wondering what others do when they do this for clients.

I get Apple is looking for an Apple Id, and I don't want to use mine. How do others get their clients into Apple Maps.

Also, i wanted to get them into Alexa, and before you know it I am booked into a call tomorrow with someone named Dana. lol I don't know if Amazon is looking for money or why they feel the need to meet, but I'm open to seeing what it's all about.

If you want to create, claim or manage an Apple Business Connect account for a client, you can create a Third-Party Partner account in Apple Business Connect - you will get a Company ID instead of having to use your personal Apple ID.

Interested in what Dana from Amazon has to say about Alexa!! I agree with you, they may be looking for some kind of paid partnership but you never know. If you feel like sharing what you learn after the call please do :)
Okay -- so I, as a "Third-pary company" am 100% verified. Now, it looks like when I add a location (a client's business) I can add time, name, website, etc. But it looks like Apple wants the business itself "verified" so now I have to have them set up an Apple ID for their business, and verify it that way? It's not very clear -- they slap little locks on everything and want "verification" but leave you with very little information as to what the next step is to give them what they are asking for.
Hi and thanks-- in my haste, I didn't pick up on the fact that it wasn't an "amazon" service, it was a listing company called Alexa, with very close branding. I never made the call as it didn't show up in my calendar when booking. So nothing really there. lol

Thanks for the apple info!

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