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Apr 10, 2022
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So my business has gotten 2 reviews so far both 1 star saying "First I ordered an item online, it was supposedly to be ready in one hour… nope. I had to hang out in the store waiting to pick up the item. Then I wanted to apply a gift card when I was checking (online) but I couldn’t, so I asked to the …" and thats to the T then theres another one that says this "This place is a total rip off!!!! They sold us not only the incorrect part for our washer but when we went to return it they claimed we used the part in our machine it wasn’t even the part for. These old men are good at their craft of"

Any idea what else i can do but report these reviews? I feel like this may be competition and i actually linked one of the profile pictures on their google profile to a company in Australia but that doesn't make sense why they'd use their real picture. Why is google not removing these reviews? I DO NOT sell anything like parts or anything of that nature since i run an appliance repair company we ONLY do in home repairs and do not sell parts online or even in person. I would love to get this in front of googles face and get them removed as the 2 reviews stopped typing in the middle of a review which is also a very weird thing to do in both reviews. Any help is appreciated!
@thebizguy I have a client that operates an appliance repair company in Australia and his GBP listing is receiving fake bad reviews :unsure: we've reported 3 of them and only 1 has been removed, we don't know what to do about the fake reviews that are still live 🤷‍♂️

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