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Oct 29, 2021
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Does anyone have a good way to get a duplicate fixed on Google? I have two locations with different names and one has a suite address and they are located in a mall. Google marked the location as a duplicate and changed the name so I have two locations with the same name in the account. I submitted a ticket with Google and they asked for storefront photos which I provided two different sets of photos showing both businesses have their own entrance. Google reviewed these photos and still said I have to delete the (False) Duplicate. I would like to keep the reviews on this profile though and I don't want to start over, does anyone know how to bypass this or get Google to stop marking false duplicates?

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Google doesn't really pay attention to suite numbers, but you sent them proof that both these businesses have separate signage and entrances in the mall? Do you have other legal proof these are two seperate businesses you can send them? The more you send the better. A video would help.

Can you also confirm each business had the following?:
  1. A distinct name
  2. A distinct phone number
  3. Different categories
If any of those 3 were the the same on both listings that is likely why Google merged the listings. Your best bet is to continue to work with the support team in email. If they CAN'T recover the old listing, they can likely transfer the reviews from it to a new listing you create for second business. You just need to make sure the two businesses do not share any info when you create the new listing (like stipulated about) and add signage photos to the listings in order to prevent them from being merged again.

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