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May 4, 2014
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I have kind of run into the problem of not feeling very proactive when it comes to finding more clients right now. I used to send out letters, but the conversion rate on that for me at least is very bad.

I am just wondering, other than referrals, what other types of things can I do on a daily basis even, to try and get more clients?

Hi Adam,

Merry Christmas!

I moved this from help and support to Consultant's Corner which is where we discuss business building type issues.

You posted at midnight Christmas eve and today most are off celebrating, so hopefully some folks who aren't away for the Holidays will be around tomorrow to give you some ideas.

In the meantime, this post explains how I used to get new clients back when I was still doing client-side work.

<a href="">Jumpstart Your Local Search Consulting Business</a>

The list of forums is pretty outdated. Don't know if any are still around. Sharing with you more for the strategy I used to build my business back then.
We use a mix of marketing types to draw leads in. Google Adwords is a pretty good source of leads (if you can afford the budget). Our clients seem to get a lot of leads from referrals, organic search, PPC, and making proposals for drop ins/cold calls. Prepping the research and doing the proposal to present prior to the call is key. Not sure if that's helpful, but if you can identify the problem and explain it to the potential client then your conversion rates may increase.
Great question - hopefully you get a few answers as people come back from vacation! I know one thing... being an expert in the field is not enough if people don't know you are an expert LOL

I was giving some thought to advertising for particular verticals - for example in a newsletter for dentists, etc. It would not be an ad per se but an informative article about why dentists should be careful when buying a website "for dentists" and things that might get them in trouble with The Royal College of Physicians and how they can still be visible locally even without violating regulations.

Not sure how I would target plumbers...

I thought about getting in with a homebuilder association of sorts and doing some presentations at their meetings...

Cold calling (even if you point out low hanging fruit or offer a freebie of sorts) does not seem to work well in my area!

Thanks for all of your replies guys. I have learned a good bit and now I'm going to try and implement that.

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