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Useful post - thanks for sharing Joy! This is definitely one of those problems that will come up more and more, and it's funny that an article from a couple years ago is still applicable to this situation. You'd just need to make sure the reviews would actually be considered slanderous, and not just brutally honest to get them removed though :) That's an important discussion to have with clients
I have never used the "Legal Request" option. We have a client with a terrible review but due to confidentiality reasons they can't respond to it. I will have to show this to them even though the same confidentiality may not allow them to give Google the details they need. Regardless, we are always looking for rep. management tools and tricks. Thanks, Joy!
I came across this post which is from 2013 but is still getting comments and has been updated by the author a couple times. I think this guy's process is definitely worth a shot if the review is, in fact, slander.

Make sure you read the comments on the article from 2015.

Thank-you for the interesting article. The author replied to every single comment posted between 2013-2015 (pretty amazing). So an interesting read. Some of the comments were complaining about google. But what should we then say about Facebook ? Especially after reading Mike's post FACEBOOK AND REVIEWS; IT?S TIME FOR THE BIG BOY PANTS.

I have just done a google search for - removing negative reviews on facebook - and have found the following link which provides some useful info

but possibilities seem to be limited

Has anybody had any experience or success with this?

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