Apr 10, 2018
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We manage listings for a construction (new home builder) company and last week we noticed that a bunch of new categories were added to 'Services' "based on feedback from customers and other Google sources". Some of these categories aren't related to the construction world at all. They are health care related. In fact, a few listings even had Outpatient Surgery listed.


There is an option for us to accept changes, in which, we should see them in the 'Google Updates' tab but they don't appear there. From what we can tell there is no way for us to edit these in bulk. We've tried exporting and exporting with Google Updates and nothing is there with these new service categories. A few days ago, we manually went into each listing (a couple hundred) and deleted the added services. We noticed they are all back again today :(

Google isn't waiting for us to accept changes either. They are making them live in the Mobile SERP which could cause for a confusing UX.

Anyone else seeing this with their listings? Any insights here would be greatly appreciated.
Sep 25, 2020
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Hey Dave,
This is also something I've seen with a couple of listings I help manage as well. I'll be watching the thread

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