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Jul 2, 2015
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We have a client who is doing well with local service ads (plumber) and getting great reviews - however the reviews stay within the Google LSA app - and don't show up in their GMB -

I've contacted google - and the rep says its a one way street - GMB reviews show up on LSA but not the other way around.

It pains me to see all these great reviews not getting seen by GMB visitors

Any suggestions /work arounds?
Thanks in advance
Hi Bill,

That is correct. LSA reviews do not show on GMB but GMB reviews show on LSA. I don't expect that to change anytime soon, unfortunately. I don’t know if your client is sending their LSA review link to all customers when asking for reviews. If so, I would stop and instead send them the review link for GMB. I would only request LSA reviews from customers that found them via LSA (in hopes of getting a verified review).
Hey Tom,

Thanks for the good , common sense solution - it's so good that I got a "Why didn't I think of that" moment.
It has been this way since the beginning. When I spoke to the person at Google, I said to him "Well, if the reviews only show up in Home Services (it's original name), and if I stop using Home Services I lose those reviews, it would make more sense to just get the reviews directly on Google".

He replied saying that is correct. He told me that I just need at least 1 review thru Home Services to start.

To this day I haven't gotten a single other review on HS/LSA, but it shows all the reviews I got in Google :)

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