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Sep 16, 2018
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I am doing competitor research for a local gun shop. In the process I noticed this 'Ffl transfer fee:' information showing up in the knowledge panel of a competitor. (see attached picture)
It appears to have been pulled from a Facebook post, as demonstrated by the link next to it (and when I click on it, it links to a 2016 Facebook post). I don't have a ton of experience with Gun Shops, but I've never seen this before. There is nothing like it on any of the other local competitors GMBs.

Does anyone know if this is 'normal'? If so, is it a field a company could try to get included, perhaps by posting their FFL transfer rates in a FB post?

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Likewise, if there are any references to articles specifically about GMB and the firearm industry that you know about, I'd love to hear about them too. Thank you!

@Nikki Stine, that's highly unusual. As in I've never seen it, either. I'm not sure how you'd specify it in Facebook (I'd need to see the page), though I'd guess it's an attribute you can select under "About." I'd be surprised if it was pulled into the KP

Not sure of the value of that specific field, though. Pretty much nobody cares about the FFL transfer fee, because it's just one of many surcharges that get piled on when you buy a hogleg. So I'm surprised that particular factoid would get the spotlight in the KP.
@Nikki Stine, interesting. Thanks. My semi-educated guess is there's a field we can't see in addition to the post we can see. I'd be amazed if Google can and would extract that specific info from that unstructured post and put it in the knowledge panel.

Might be a cool experiment: to create the same post verbatim (or close) and see what Google does, if anything.

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