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Oct 15, 2013
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In the past, Google has typically shown a knowledge panel on the right side of the search results for a business name. However, recently, some local businesses are noticing that the knowledge panel, that shows the Google My Business listing data, doesn’t show up for certain queries.

Previously, the knowledge panel, containing Google My Business information, would display for many local businesses for a search for their business name. However, now, in order to force that knowledge panel to show up on the right side of the search results, the company name and the city name needs to be present in the search query.

I've posted some screen shots and examples of this happening to more than one business. I'm seeing some show up only when you search for the companyname+city or companyname+state:

Is Google Showing Local Business Listings Less Often?

Have you noticed this change recently? Some local businesses are showing up only if you use the business name and the city name or State name in the search query.

What would cause this? Do you think it's something that Google recently changed?
I was telling Bill that I tried 50+ local business names, all but one came up with a right panel.
Thanks for sharing Bill and good to see you here Barry!

We've been discussing this for awhile here too:
Knowledge Panel Removed - Possible change in algo?

The changes noted in that post were mainly about SEO and agency listings.

I haven't been able to weigh in there due to hand pain, but I'll mention here...

I often see listings with missing KP or where you have to add city to get it to show up - and have since the beginning. It usually happens when Google isn't certain what you are searching for. So if a business has a common name that's used by other businesses around the country Google isn't sure which you want so you need to add city to the query. Or if a business has really low authority, etc.

In the other thread about SEO listings I suspected a couple things, but wasn't able to research.

A) Because most SEOs are SMBs with hidden address?

B) Don't know if you guys remember, but for a long time Google didn't show ANY SEO listings. They didn't pull a pack at all. So was it a little discrimination? Or a quirk in the algo, I don't know.

However I have not read Bill's post yet and have not been able to research, but in addition to everything above, it's possible there was an algo change or there is a glitch that's causing this.

Anyone else seeing KP's showing less often?
Linda, lately it isn't common names that I'm searching for. These are local businesses with VERY unique names, and it's very obvious that I'm searching for that particular company.

I have found at least a dozen or more missing knowledge panels, but you when you search for the company name plus a city or State then the knowledge panel shows up.

And it's not limited to the United States. I just found another one missing its KP, name of biz is "devo tech services". That's a unique name. Or try "Wright IMC". You must add a location (city name or State name) to the end of it to get the Knowledge Panel to show up.
I’m rather warming to Mike Blumenthal’s theory which is that the business’ website has more relevance and hence the KP is not ‘needed’ so to speak. I know for my own business, and several for whom I assist with management, the KP does not come up if I search for my exact biz name, even with city or zip code... I have to intentionally omit part of my biz name and add city or zip for the KP to appear.

(My biz is a retail location, with address showing.)

Here is Mike’s article:
Thoughts About Local Knowledge Panels Not Showing for Branded Searches
Thanks Shirley! I had not seen Mike's post. Can't wait to read.

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