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Jul 27, 2017
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It looks like Google is trying to make it easier for a business owner to claim access to their listing. I am now seeing Own this business? for claimed listings. This used to be used for unclaimed listings. I tweeted about it and others in Local SEO mentioned seeing it as well. You will only see this option if you are logged in.

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This does not apply to chains. Users are only able to request site manager access.
@keyserholiday So what are you personally using as the authoritative method of determining if a listing is verified? Just go through the flow of claiming a listing from the GMB dashboard?
Even when signed in, looking at a live listing doesn't seem consistent...


... which makes sense, given @BenFisher's response to @whitespark:

I am looking for Owner uploaded photos, or review replies or Google posts. All 3 of those were let me know if a listing is verified. You can use Q&A too and see if the business replied
I'm still not seeing this on any listings that are claimed. I only see "Own this business?" on actually unclaimed listings, so I don't think this has fully rolled out yet.

One thought: do you still see it on all listings in an incognito browser, @keyserholiday? Can you see the actual unclalimed listings in incognito?
Yes, if you are not logged in, you will see Own This Business.
Are you saying you will see it on ALL listings, or only on actually unclaimed listings? I'm trying to determine if you can just use incognito to determine which listings are claimed/unclaimed.
If I switch to incognito I don't see own this business for unclaimed listings.
Yep, icognito works perfectly, even if you allow your location to be known.

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