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Jun 28, 2012
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I got a tip over the weekend about a minor but important GMBL update from one of our forum members: <a href="">Sara Garrison</a>. Sara PMed me this:

"We've tested a newly released feature in GMBL that allows businesses to upload only the fields that have changed instead of all fields. This prevents users from having to re-jigger addresses and pin markers all the time in bulk accounts, which usually causes a ton of errors that have to be manually cleared.

It's live already in GMBL and works great. Thought you might like to spread the word!"

<a href="">GMBL Improvement – Upload Only Updated Fields | allLocal</a>

Google has released a long-awaited and requested feature in the Google My Business Locations dashboard. The bulk dashboard interface now allows for an easier upload of updates to existing locations. Now, when uploading files to the dashboard, businesses are only required to upload those fields that have changes.

Previously, if a business tried to upload a file that was missing any required fields (business name, country, address 1, primary category), an error window would pop up...

Head over to read the rest and thanks for sharing the news Sara!

I don't use GMBL at all, but I'm wondering if this was a single feature update.
Often when there is a change there is a cluster of others in the same update.

Have any of you multi-location pros noticed any other changes???
This is pretty much Google's Christmas Present to me. SOOOO much time saved.
Thanks for posting, Linda! Since you asked, there are a couple of other recent changes in GMBL. Don't think these have already been posted, but apologies if they were.

Lat/Long is back in the feed spec. It was removed from bulk feeds back in Aug 2014 because Google received too much bad data. Just because it's back in the feed spec doesn't mean Google is using it :)

Also, you can now upload 25 photos in your bulk feed instead of only 10. That change was released in Nov.

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