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Oct 22, 2018
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From Now sending: Business Messages via Google Maps and Search...

New features:
  • Smart replies
  • Visual product carousels
  • Unique welcome messages
  • “Business Messages will also be available on mobile websites so that a business can add the ability for customers to quickly ‘Message’ right from their site and offer the same smart automated replies, paired with live agent connection.”
I can’t figure out how the on-site messaging works - maybe it’s not live yet?
Hey Justin,

I think you're right that it's not live yet. I'll see if I can get more details on it.

I went down a rabbit hole in search for more information on this today, since the messaging was pretty basic at first, including saying you could integrate messaging through Podium.

Now the landing page on Google seems to indicate this is a pretty fully-scoped offering: Business Messages | Google Developers. We have a few clients that have used the Request to Quote feature, but of course, it's been hard unless folks have the GMB app, so I had always been looking for a more elegant solution.

Hello Everyone,
@Justin Mosebach @JoyHawkins @Eoghan_MomentFeed @Nicolae Juravschi

We developed this BOT application and currently, it is in beta stage. We are testing it on 400 listings & depending on the results we will release V1 very soon. It is a lot more than Smar Replies it is going to be a combination of Live Chat + Bot + AI.
But one thing is true the this current Google feature is not fully matured and needs a few more updates.

Check out a video of this Bot -


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