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Aug 17, 2020
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GMB has activated the client's businesses (which are both at the same location) but is keeping the GMB phone numbers the same despite both businesses having separate numbers. Google's response is if you're at the same location you need the same number. There's so much facepalm in this because the number they keep forcing is different from even what's on the website. What is everyone else doing to circumvent this issue?
Hey Adam, that is a really odd thing for GMB support to suggest. Do you have a case ID or email from Google support you can share with me? Feel free to DM it if that's better.
Yeah that's a crazy response. Bet if you got a different rep you'd get a different answer. Sounds like Colan can help you but if you want me to ask for clarification through our partner portal, I'm happy to.

We have Google Guarantee and two businesses at the same location. They basically email and then take it down. If we change the number they revert it to the other number. Today they even took down the entire GMB despite having Google Guarantee. I am so unbelievably frustrated with the behaviour. Client will explain there is two businesses with two different numbers and we’ll just have our content reverted. On looking up her brand I noted a similar named brand suddenly added a new location. When she called them they said they weren’t in that area and yet they had 1 review. Something is really off here.

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