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Nov 5, 2018
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We have a new client that's a residential and commercial painter. After building out most of their GMB page and verifying the listing, we received notification from Google that the listing was suspended. We filled out an appeal form online, but this was the only information we were given - Suspended business listings - Google My Business Help

The business does have a physical address but of course, is mostly out in the field doing quotes and seeing customers at their location. While looking at competitors and other painting contractors in major cities, it seems like Google isn't showing physical addresses for these types of (contractor) businesses.

Do you think the listing got suspended because we didn't select a service area? Any advice for this category or type of business? Thanks!
Did you have their address showing? Since they go to clients it's likely a SAB, which means you need to hide the address on Google.
Yes, we had their address showing. The listing went verified and then a few minutes later it was suspended. They do have a physical address but mostly see customers out in the field. Wondering if the SAB would hold them back from ranking? And why would Google suspend a contractor business for using a physical address?
Try removing the address and selecting a service area - that should do the trick.

In order for a business to show their address, they need to see customers at their location, be staffed (so someone can just walk in) during their business hours, and have adequate signage. If the address was residential then it can't be displayed.
To add to what @Nikki Brown said, I had a client like this about a year ago. They were also contractors who went to customer locations to do their work. They told me they had an "office" but later said it was really just a depot where they stored materials and supplies for their jobs. It wasn't staffed and no customers ever went there. I set them up as an SAB and they've had no issues with Google as a result.
@DerekDoesMarketing, two questions:

1. What kind of address is it? (Residential, office staffed by employees, Regus office, PO Box, or what?)

2. Does your client have other GMB pages (particularly pages that use an address nearby)?
If the office is staffed during business hours and you want the address to show here are a few things to gather to send to Google's appeal board:

1) Take images of the office, inside and out. (with staff if you can)
2) Include signage/logos in photos if possible.
3) Include a copy of the lease showing the address.
4) Include a utility bill with company's name/addres.

I was able to get a ruling overturned with these items in a recent similar situation.

The other option is to hide the address and click "service area", then send an apology appeal stating that you hid the address and please relist their business.

Rankings will not be better or worse with/without address showing. Well no rankings would be worse if they remove the listing for adding an address when if shouldn't be there.

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