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Sep 25, 2018
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Like many other people, I had a few listings that were stuck in "pending review" mode after verifying new business locations (multiple companies). As of today all of them are out of pending review status and have been published.

Did anyone else that had their listings stuck in pending review have their listings get published within the past few days?
I just spoke with somebody that still has a listing stuck in pending review. I had 2 locations go into pending review status on Friday, and they are both cleared up now. I hope it's true that they are making progress.
I don't think we had any that were pending before so I'm not much help :)
I still have 3 that are "pending review" and have been for approx 3 weeks. :( Hopefully, you are on to something and they will get pushed through.
Hey Dan, still in pending after 4 weeks. Finally heard from support that it has been "escalated", so let's see what happens.

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We had the same issue with one listing, we contacted support and it took them 4 weeks to publish the listing.
Darn, I was hoping this was a widespread fix. At least a few of us are able to have our listings go live. That's small progress...
We have one that has been pending since 6/18 and Google told us to wait a week, we did. Then another week so we did. Then we reached out again and they said:
Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for your patience, I'm back with an update. Your page is still being moderated, and should be live soon. I actually made a minor error in the original email I sent you - I should've told you that it can take up to two weeks for this listing to begin displaying live on Google Maps. If the listing still isn't live after an additional week, feel free to email back. If you have any other questions or concerns, be sure to let me know.

That was 2 and a half weeks ago. There are no duplicates floating so I truly have no idea what the hold up could be. We've supplied both a business license and storefront photos :(
Update: STILL PENDING! 🤦‍♂️

Latest update from GMB support was on Friday saying:

Hi Andy,

Thanks again for your patience. I'm just reaching out to provide you with an update. I'm routing your query to a specialist on another team who is best equipped to address your question. You should hear from either them or myself soon.


Brad's a good guy but regrettably the client doesn't see it that way...TBC
Andy, same situation here. My client opened a new store. We submitted the listing nearly 6 weeks ago. I spoke with GMB support and they told me there was a glitch on their end and to 'hold tight' that they'd follow up with me via email/open service ticket.

Nothing. My client is so frustrated and I'm out of options.

One thing to note...this client had one of his store listings suspended a few years ago before I came aboard. His marketing team had added the city and a keyword to the listing. Therefore, his GMB account had a listing suspended 2 years ago, which was subsequently reinstated after the city and keyword were removed from the business name.

Curious to know if your client ever had prior suspension...if so, could this explain the approval delay? Maybe accounts with a prior suspension on record go through a slower approval process due to new procedures/heightened scrutiny?

I'm just trying to figure out the differentiating factors, which may explain why some are being immediately approved vs. being in 'pending review' purgatory.
Hey Megan...interesting comments and it sounds very feasible that the clients first office listing "may" have been suspended in the past at some point. This is a new client and we've (me) had to do a lot of cleanup, etc after the last agency!

However I have some news....


After probably (can't be bothered to work out exactly how long) 6/7 weeks my pending GMB listing is now LIVE!

All I can say is, thank you GMB support...I can't imagine how busy you all are but we got there in the end!! (y)
Andy, that's great news! May Google providence shine down on my client as well. I'll keep you posted so that we all have a timeframe expectation moving forward, i.e., how long listings can remain in pending review purgatory.
I'll pitch in here with my own case: we created a GMB location on Tue 8/6 and it's still pending today on Sat 8/10.

We created the location using a brand new gmail account and Google My Business offered an instant verification via text message, which we immediately carried out.

The location has been in in Pending status ever since then with this message:

Your business is verified. Listings may be reviewed for quality and can take up to 3 days to be published.
Learn more

I wonder: is it possible that Google prolongs the length of time that new locations are kept in "pending status jail" when the verification step is conducted "instantly"?

I'll report back here when it is released from Pending status.
I was just reviewing a case where someone was stuck in pending purgatory, they added all versions of the domain in GSC (using the same owner email account) and were released. Let us know if you try this and it works.
I was just reviewing a case where someone was stuck in pending purgatory, they added all versions of the domain in GSC (using the same owner email account) and were released. Let us know if you try this and it works.

Ben, that's really interesting. I'll keep that in mind. Do you have any other suggestions where the business is simply opening a new store location with a landing page on the existing domain?
I was just reviewing a case where someone was stuck in pending purgatory, they added all versions of the domain in GSC (using the same owner email account) and were released. Let us know if you try this and it works.

Hi Ben -

I tried this yesterday for a GMB profile that we verified on August 6th, and it didn't make any difference. Too bad, it would have been nice to have a quick fix like that.
An update: a GMB profile that we verified on August 6 is still "in review".

Some day we will all be paying for GMB listings once Google convinces us that we should pay for them to be processed in a competent and timely manner. Ugh.

Official Google My Business product image:
We have two clients with locations in "pending" status after receiving the postcard. One was verified on 8/6 and the other, 8/7. I've tweeted, emailed, and called multiple times but with no resolution.
Jay T open a thread on the support community with all details and we can escalate that for you.

Name, address, url, gmb dash url, case ID's (if you have them) date verified, streetview link please, and any proof of signage or that they are real businesses.

Then PM me the thread.

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