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Aug 7, 2013
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I've made 100's of calls to GMB support and this morning had my first experience with an Indian call center. Wait time was 20 minutes. Staff on the other line had no clue what was going on and after 32 minutes hung up the phone and called back. Was able to call back, reached a US call center and had everything resolved in 10 minutes. Anyone else getting Indian Call centers or have I just been lucky hundreds of times.
I have actually had a couple of Indian reps as well. They were not totally helpful in the long run. Like you, I had to call back to get my issue resolved both times.
I've had an experience with a rep from India as well (I can only assume because the rep has a somewhat thick accent) and it was not a good experience. He did not understand what I was asking him and instead of trying to figure it out he rushed me off the phone. I called back and spoke to someone from a U.S. call centre (no accent) and they were able to answer my question right away.

Seems like the India call centres need a little more training.
Assuming Google will have to outsource more, but hoping they can keep the quality and speed of service up. In the future I'm just going to hang up and call back.
Hi all,

since the phone support now opens at 1AM PST (11AM in the UK), I've been reaching the Indian call centre all the time. I think it is quite obvious why they have outsourced it.

Like you said, the waiting time is usually more than 10-15 mins and they often hang up the phone for no reason! When they don't, they aren't very helpful and route the issue to some other dept, etc.

I can also often hear speech in the background which isn't in English. :)

I don't think outsourcing the phone support to any country is bad at all, but as of now, and as per my experience, most of the Indian agents have very little experience with GMB issues.

Thanks George. yeah I can understand why they are doing it. I just hang up as soon as there is a wait time. Are you getting the wait time every call in the UK?

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Also, we should all be voicing our opinion when leaving the review after the support call. I mention it every time.
As I said 1AM PST is 11AM UK, so if I call around this time (which I usually do, due to my work schedule) - yes. The waiting time is more than 10 mins.

I suppose once the US based call centre opens the waiting is significantly less, but I'm not sure what that time would be.. perhaps 6AM PST as it was before?

I always leave feedback when I'm given the possibility, but there were a couple of cases when the support rep wouldn't even ask if I wanted to leave my opinion (and this is not regarding the India call centre only, happened with US agents as well).

I am curious how they hire their reps, though... Do they post an ad in country specific job sites? Or some other way.. may be recruiting local mapmaker experts?

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