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Oct 17, 2018
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So a client for one of our sister companies set themselves up on GMB and ordered the postcard for the verification, and they apparently were provided a tracking number for the postcard from Google after ordering it so they could see the progress and know when exactly to expect it. The business in question is a towing company that does have a storefront.

I wish I had more specific information, but they didn't tell us much about it and it was more of a "through the grape-vine" thing. Just curious if anybody else has ever seen or heard of this? I wasn't sure if it may be one of those situations where Google starts to roll out an update to a select few people at random as a test period as they've been known to do with GMB in the past. It would definitely be a helpful tool if that's the case.
I haven't heard of this but I'd love to see a screenshot if you happen to come across it again.

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