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Apr 6, 2016
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Any one else seeing this?


Takes you through to products / services page you have on your site.
Well, I'm verklempt, @AndySimpson: you notice more things about my listing than I do!

Several odd things in there:

1. "Messsage." I never set up the GMB "chat" option. I did notice the "Messages" icon on my page the other day, and meant to dig into it and blog on it if I saw anything interesting, but got bogged down with a million other things.

2. GMB recently removed my longtime "Appointment" URL via auto-update. I'm surprised it still shows up, although it may vanish soon.

3. Not a new oddity, but "Products and Services" shows up only because I specified a "Menu URL" (the "Services" page on my site. It shows up as the former on mobile.

You know what the kicker is? For months my GMB category has been "Dentist." That was the result of an experiment gone wrong. (My GMB page is a lab chimp.) I'm in the process of getting it fixed, but would speculate that Google auto-populated some of the above stuff (at least #1) based on my assumed category.
Interesting. I haven't seen it either.
@rustybrick, by the way, I can replicate that for other businesses. For example:
capital dental design - Google Search
Jason Attaman Bellevue - Google Search
Pure Dental Arts Seattle - Google Search

You may want to replace the screenshot used in your post; citing my business might not be ideal.

From what I can tell, whether "Products and Services" shows in the (mobile) knowledge panel depends on the category. So far, I've only seen it in the medical space. It's only showing for my business because Google has my category wrong (very wrong).
I've replicated as well for an Attorney, changed my main cat to dentist, saved, refreshed, got the new "Products & Services", added a new link, saved, refreshed. Reverted back to Personal Injury Attorney main cat, saved, refreshed, the link had disappeared from the dashboard BUT I can see it on live listing on desktop / mobile. But I am seeing "Menu" when viewed on mobile....but I can sort that out.
By the way... that only works well if you have one page to use as the URL.

@Tim Colling, I'm not clear on the question.

What I meant was that particular GMB feature seems to contain a URL. A single URL, probably.

If so, then you'd need a page on the site that listed all the services and products, even if they're separated into hubs or silos in the main nav.
@Tim Colling, gotcha. It is odd that they seem to expect a URL for a "Products and Services" page. Most businesses have a main "Services" page, or a main "Products" page, or maybe both, but on two separate pages. Not lumped together.
I mean, you can certainly create a page that lumps everything you sell onto one page with internal links to the "actual" pages for those items. But it would be a lame thing to have to do.
@Phil Rozek This particular listing has the categories: Floor store, Floor Contractor. Also in Offerings we have Installation Service. Seems like that should make the services section pop. But to your point my other client who sells and installs Garage Doors still has his services section.

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