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Nov 19, 2019
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What is the best practice for an attorney that expands and partners to open a firm in their area with other experienced attorneys in terms of GMB?

All attorneys will now be practicing from the same "new" address and practicing the same type of law.

Should they establish 1 Main GMB for Firm at the "new" address and merge the other existing GMB profiles of the attorneys? Important note: Of the existing GMB profiles, one of the attorneys is currently ranking #1`in the Local Pack.
Hi @annatindal ,

Google won't merge practitioner listings if they are active practitioners at that location. If the listings all have the same categories they might compete and/filter each other out.

Can you share any specifics so we can look into this more for you?
I have more information now. A #1 GMB ranking attorney hired other attorneys and opened a firm. In doing so, she created a new GMB listing for her firm. She kept her existing #1 ranking GMB listing as well. So, right now, she has 2 listings that represent the same category, same address, etc. The firm is ranking but not as well as her existing linking (obviously). I envision one will be suspended if she doesn't add the other practitioner listings soon. Do you agree with this?

Secondarily, if she hadn't already created a firm listing, would you have recommended that she simply modify her existing GMB listing to represent the firm based on your experience? I'm leaning that way based on the filtering that could take place when all the attorneys perform the same type of law.

Any feedback is appreciated.
I don't think she's running the risk of a suspension. Her #1 ranking listing is herself, correct? She is allowed to have a profile as well as as the business is allowed to have one as well.

Yes, I probably would have changed the name of her listing to the business name. You could still do that now I imagine and change the GMB profile with the business name to her name. Basically, just switching the two.

Does she really want to brand her practice? Is there a reason she wants her practice to rank over her? Branding purposes I guess?

The other attorneys can have a profile but it is highly unlikely more than 1 GMB page from the firm, whether practitioners or the practice, will rank for queries. In that case, I would just have the other practitioners make sure their category is just "lawyer" instead of the more specific category based on what they practice.

In fact, I might not even set up profiles for them. Less confusion.

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