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Feb 25, 2014
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I'm just checking to see if Google has a DEMO or SAMPLE profile listing that we can share with users or use in a video/screenshot explaining a section. There is sample data available for Google Analytics and Google Ads which we use with clients to show the possibilities of the various tracking etc, but I've never seen one for GMB.

Is anyone aware of one? I don't want to show an existing client's information and would rather share a sample profile completely filled out.

Any links someone may have?
I'm not aware of one. Could you use your own? You could also create a new listing for a theoretical business, and just not verify it. It won't show live if it's not verified, and can just be deleted after you are finished with it.
Yeah, we have the "fake" one that we use in some of our videos etc, jut would rather not show our agency one as it would potentially expose insights, keywords etc
I think your best bet is to simply find real world examples of profiles you think are world class to use as examples.

Or, if you are showing the examples to a potential client you can show them the profiles that outrank them for their most important keywords so that you can exemplify why certain aspects are important.

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