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To add, our business does not have a GMB agency account and I am claiming with a gmail then turning over to the owner of the business with myself as a manager. Could this be screwing us up?

Yes, this is likely increasing the amount of suspensions you'll see. Google does not want agencies using gmails because it is one of the number one causes of the "I don't know who claimed my listing" problem. I would always suggest using an agency account and making the business owner an owner on the listing using his/her work email that matches the domain of the website if possible.
I had one last week, the second I made an update, it went to suspended. To be fair, they should have been, they were an SAB but, had their home as a real address.

I have a new client that has that same issue, and given the backlog with GMB support right now, I am not even touching that account until I can be assured that I will be able to fix it.
are you meaning literal suspensions? or unverifying the listings and needing to reverify?
With my most recent suspension I can say that it happened after making edits pre-verification (while waiting for the postcard to arrive.) Added images, hours, etc.
When the PIN code was entered, the listing was immediately suspended.

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