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Nov 14, 2012
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I'm seeing a lot of people today post in the GMB forum about suspensions. I actually have 2 clients that have a soft suspension just today. I know both are in full compliance with the exception of the url still being http. I changed to https and double checked EVERYTHING to ensure they both are within the guidelines, which they are, and submitted for reinstatement. So we'll see if that was the problem.

Anyone else either suffered a soft suspension or have clients that did?
Not so far. Fingers crossed...;)
Suspensions are pretty common. What industry are they in? Are they new listings? If you have a problem reinstating let me know the thread in the forums.
@BenFisher. They are both dentists. Both have the words Dental Care in their names, so I'm not sure if that had any thing to do with it. One has been reinstated, but the pics are not showing yet. The other has not be reinstated as of yet.
Woot! Give it a 2-3 days on the one that got reinstated.

Having Dental Care in the name should not have led to the suspension.
I wouldn't have thought so either as that is part of the actual name. I can only assume it was due to http, which was changed to https. The pics came back on the reinstated one. I'll reply if/when the other gets reinstated. Thanks @BenFisher
Hey Scott, that may be it. You always want to be sure you add the canonical version of your website to GMB. If you have an https site, use the final URL (the one that sticks in your browser after the site loads). We had Google once tell us a business wasn’t eligible for bulk verification because the website URL redirected. As it turned out, none of the URLs were redirecting to another site but they were the http version when the final URL was https.
Yeah, I figured that may be it. I know how "she" doesn't like redirects. The second of the 2 that got suspended is still not reinstated. First one was reinstated in less than 24 hrs.

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