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Feb 7, 2013
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In light of GMB's third party policies, and the supplementary file on working with third parties, I'm curious if anyone has knowledge (or experience) in how serious Google takes these. I don't recall them existing further back than a couple years at the earliest. Perhaps a PE has some "insider" info on the matter. Of course there is the form for reporting policy violations by third parties (or was... looks like it's redirecting right now, maybe temporarily in light of current events), but just curious if that is the only reasonable avenue anyone has seen third parties get reprimanded recently, considering the oft-reactive nature of the GMB team.

To give more context, I'm not asking about the common things like spammy sales calls, holding GMB pages hostage, etc. I'm asking specifically about the things outlined in these help files, like sharing the disclosure notice with the business, or how GMB Insights data is delineated in reporting (regardless of how inaccurate it is...). Just curious how high of a priority these are to other agency folks who hang out here :)

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