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Aug 18, 2014
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Over the past few weeks I have been noticing an error in the Google dash. Normally when I login to an account that has not yet been upgraded I get the pop-up (see below) asking if I want to "stay here" (where there is usually nothing, unless there is an upgraded page in the account) or "visit dashboard". Clicking "visit dashboard" is supposed to (and normally does) take me to the old Google dash where I can access the pages that have not been upgraded yet.
However, lately I have been noticing that clicking on the "visit dashboard" button can sometimes take me on an infinite loop right back to the same pop-up. When this happens I have no way to get into the account and therefore have completely lost access to a large chunk of the pages I manage.

This only seems to be happening in the accounts where I am managing listings for multiple clients so Colan suggested that I try using the bulk account access tool to get into the accounts. I tried it with a few different "problem" accounts but that didn't work either. As soon as I login I get this message "Google My Business Locations is temporarily unavailable. We are in the process of upgrading your account to our new and improved infrastructure. Please check back in a few minutes." Checking back in a few minutes did not change anything (didn't expect it to).

My only guess is that Google is in the process of upgrading these old pages to the new GMB. It's just frustrating that they are taking so long to do it since I can't access the listings (or even see stats) while this is happening.

Anyone else experiencing the same problem? How long did it take for it to be resolved?

Thanks for sharing Nikki!

Is this an account where there are several unrelated clients all in the same account?

Sounds like that's the problem and likely why the account has not been upgraded yet.
Yes. Every time I see this error it's in an account that has multiple unrelated listings.
I had the same thought as Linda. You can always call Google Support and ask them whats going on. There's a 50/50 chance that you will get someone that can help shed some insight and they may even fix it for you.
Thanks guys. I've contacted Google support about the issue when we first discovered it. That's always our first line of defense.

Support has always said that the accounts are in the transition process.

What's new, and interesting about Nikki's observation is that you can now (almost) access these listings from the bulk interface.

And that observation must be tied to the message in the Red Banner seen here -
Something new just happened to me. I logged into an account where I have 2 listings for 1 client (2 different locations). These pages were in the old dash and I was always able to access them. Once I signed in it automatically redirected me to Google My Business Locations and gave me this pop-up.

That's kind of bizarre! Thanks for sharing Nikki!

Yes I have been seeing this new Google My Business interface when logged into accounts now. Some accounts can't access the dashboard as they are in the migration phase so I get we wait until the accounts are fully upgraded to GMB dashboard.


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