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Very cool! I just took a look at the site (major upgrade), and i'm thinking about giving it a try. Does anyone have an idea what the distribution times are like? Yext has a direct feed with a lot of the companies they partner with, so they're able to do real time updates. Does Moz have a similar agreement with their partner sites to get faster updates?
Hi Eric, David just comment on that at Moz and he said what I would have said - depends on the provider.

David said:

"The time-to-live for listings you submit depends on the provider we send to. API-based platforms like Foursquare and Factual should go live in near-real-time; more traditional databases like Acxiom will probably take closer to 4-6 weeks before we can confirm that your listings are live."
They seem to be reselling a combination of Localeze, Acxiom and InfoUSA with a direct API feed to Factual and Foursquare.

This is no different from you using Localeze, Acxiom and InfoUSA independently, but you save $$ by going with Moz if you're already distributing to these three guys.
We'll also surface possible duplicate listings we discover across the ecosystem, provide you with the fastest path to correcting or closing those duplicates, and notify you of any unauthorized changes to your NAP that we come across in our local web crawl.

That's awesome. What I'm curious about is if the ecosystem is just the partners or is it more widely distributed when looking for dupes and incorrect listings. Linda, thoughts?
I'm not sure Blake and don't want to speak for Moz, so I'll ask David to come over and answer that one.
Hi Blake,
We'll show you duplicates anywhere we can (i.e. all of the sites in the feature). On sites where we have a direct distribution connection, we'll provide a one-click way to close those listings--this isn't quite live yet--and on sites where we don't, we'll send you to the appropriate area on that site (such as 'Report a Problem' on Google Maps)

Hope that helps.
Thanks for answering that one David.

And BIG congrats to you and the MOZ team. Huge win for all, including your customers, at that awesome price point!
I like the UI- very clean.


But still a work in progress. I'm excited to see how this will evolve in the next few months.
For some reason moz Local leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I don't know if it's the increasing development of powerlisting sites like UBL, Yext, and Yahoo! Localworks and the negative impact these have had on basic listings that I used to be able to claim but now am directed to a third party with a fee!

Will more of this happen with moz Local? I sure hope not.

And what if your competitor signs up with moz Local, too? Is there any exclusivity?

Just thinking out loud. :confused:
@Amber- good questions. Personally, I'm more confident since moz picked up getlisted last year. If they (moz) rolled this product out on their own, I'd be a little hesitant.

As for the competitor comment- IMHO it's a non-issue. Moz Local is a tool. They're not going to disclose your business details to your competitors- it wouldn't make any sense.
Why wouldn't they? I don't know of any other service like moz local that would limit their services.
I agree, Chris. I don't think they would give out business details to competitors.

What I meant was, for example, how many chiropractors in one city/zip code would moz Local provide the same services for? From my understanding the goal of citation building and citation clean-up is to improve your chances at ranking locally.
@amber- I reread my comment about not disclosing info to competitors... which made no sense at all. I think everyone in their right mind knows that.

I need to open a window and get some fresh air. :D
It looks similar to Yext, but with a different distribution. I haven't gotten a chance to use it yet, because when i tried to upload my data file, it said all my descriptions had to be at least 250 characters. Haven't had time to add an additional sentence to all hotels.
Anyone know what actual citation sources a business' NAP would show in with MOZ Local?
Does anyone have an idea what the distribution times are like?

Knowing how my current relationship works with these aggregators, I would expect distribution to take 60-90 days and then quarterly citation growth. Since this service doesn't have citation distribution reporting, you would need to use something like Brightlocal Citation reporting, or Whitespark reporting to track that growth.

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