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Jul 19, 2012
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Has anybody that uses Moz local ever been able to get a duplicate or incorrect listing removed by clicking on the 'remove duplicate' button?

I'm 7 months into my subscription, and I have 13 active accounts in my dashboard, and I've yet to have a duplicate listing correct or deleted because of any action I've taken within Moz. I've had to manually go and get these duplicates taken care of.

Moz reports that it is because they are a low priority for the websites that they update to.

It's pretty frustrating...

Hi Tyson, we are seeing pretty much the same thing. I would say the success rate is in the 10% range. Normally, if I escalate it to the Moz Team they will ping the site to hasten the process and that seems to work well.


Jan 4, 2013
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I use Moz for cheap submission to Nuestar, $84 vs $299. Acxiom, express update and factual are free and I like to control my data.

There is not a software on the market that will deal with duplicates correctly across the board. I don't see one in the near future either.

Every aggregator and publisher handles duplicates differently and their processes change from time to time.

Some publishers allow you to merge, some allow 301's to clean up duplicates passing the juice.

I also believe that Google pays attention to the urls at some publishers and indexes them in such a way that having an old/seasoned listing is more valuable than deleting it and starting over.

Set it and forget it with yext or Moz and I will beat you down if I'm in the same vertical and city competing with you.

I guess my point is, use what you have learned to your advantage. Maybe consider it as job security. I'd bet that 90% of local SEO's don't pay attention like you are. It takes work to nail down listings and duplicates but if they are tackled correctly coupled with training the business about pitfalls of leaking the wrong info then eventually the work stops. Then you/the SMB controls the data.

Old school for the win.

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