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Jul 18, 2012
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I'm managing a local campaign in Google Ads for a dentist whose office hours are 7:00am - 3:30pm Mo - Th but they're getting clicks on the weekends (specifically days they're not open).

How can I stop this (besides manually pausing the campaign each afternoon and restarting at 7am)? I only want ads showing when there's someone answering the phone.
Hey @Chris Ratchford

Do you already have an ad schedule set for the local campaign? If not, this would solve your issue!

I swear they change the smart campaign interface more than chameleon in a candy store!

To get to the ad schedule you just open the campaign, scroll to the bottom where it says "Location & ad schedule", hit update and edit the ad schedule to the office hours
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I don't know why my replies keep getting deleted, but I'm retyping...

Thanks Cedric! You're right, I can't keep up w/ the ever changing dashboard... I found it but then when I tried to set the schedule I got the following error:
This operation is not allowed for the given context.

@Chris Ratchford are you still getting this "operation" issue? If you try logging into an incognito window (or doing a hard refresh) and updating it that way, it might do the trick. If that doesn't work you'll likely need to contact Google Support get them to take a look at the issue

If for some reason Google Support is not able to fix it, you could use automated rules to pause and enable the campaign each day
Yeah, I'm already logged into the client's Google account (created by me to manage all their Google assets under one account) and I'm in incognito. I'll try logging in/out and hopefully that will fix it.
According to Google Ads support chat, Ad scheduling is not compatible with local campaigns!!!

I swear I've setup schedules for Google local Ads for other clients in the past. I don't know why or when that changed... but the CTR is crazy low... 1.81 MILLION impressions and only 423 clicks.

So if you can't set a schedule for local ads (when the office is open), I don't see the value in Local campaigns... seems very limited on what you do as an advertiser.

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