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Re: Google Releases New Support Forum Platform

Hi Michael, thanks for breaking the news over here!
Google has been working on a complete overhaul of all their support forums.

We've had access to the Beta of this new version dubbed "Hatfield" for awhile now, and it just publicly launched today. I have not had a chance to use it much yet, so I'm just trying to get used to it today, now that it's here.

Google did the upgrade to make the forum easier to use and so it's easier find what you are looking for. It's completely different, so it takes some getting used to and there are still some features missing, but for the occasional user I'm sure it will be a better experience.

The Hadfield design team said the layout is slowly rolling out to all users, so you may not see it right this minute. They also said they are continuing to make updates and improvements to Hadfield post launch, so I'd just consider this V.1.

Here is Elizabeth's announcement at the forum.

Welcome to our new redesigned forum!

Our new design is focused on making it easier for you to find the answers you need and ask questions in Google Product Forums.

There are two main types of pages:

Topic pages that focus on the content you need to see: the question, any best answers, and all replies.

Lists of topics that you can browse, filter, and search to find the information you need.

On our forum homepage, just above the topic list, we’ve also included some information and links to topics that we think you may find especially helpful.

If you have any questions about the new forums, please use the POST A QUESTION button to ask. The wonderful experts in our communities can help you figure things out quickly.

We hope you find the new Google Product Forums helpful and fun to use! If you have feedback about the forums that you’d like to share directly with us, you can use the SEND FEEDBACK link, which you can find on any page under HELP on the SETTINGS menu (looks like a gear).

Elizabeth and Jade

GMB Community Managers

Mike posted about it too. Here is his overview and I think he's used it more than I've been able to, so he has more commentary.

<a href="">Google Releases New Support Forum Platform</a>

What do you think so far?
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Oops Michael,

I had my head in that post working on it for 45 minutes. I'm so slow due to trying to get used to all my new devices and was in pain, so had to keep taking breaks, so it took me forever.

So then I finally got the post done and hit publish.

It was only then, that I saw you had already broken the story I had been working on.
So I merged my post into yours and moved it to the Google IMPORTANT forum.

Thanks for sharing!
Good to hear Lloyd. You are a top poster over there this month!

Barry posted some before/after shots today and goes into more detail about the changes

<a href="">Google Redesigns Support Forums: Here Is The Before & After</a>
I like the cleaner look of the forum and as someone said on my Google+ share of Mike's post, it reminds her of Inbox.

What I am struggling with is finding the unread/unanswered threads - the filter doesn't seem to like me and keeps bringing up answered posts but that's ok, I'm sure I'll work it out.
Nothing like a joint-effort to bring the most information about a post. I am often too succinct so your summary about the new feature was right on time. Thanks!

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