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Aug 5, 2015
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Hello all,

We have a client that has a Google+ page that appears to be set up as a brand. When we try to search it and claim the page, it does not come up. The client provided us the login, but when we edit the information it is not the same set up as a normal Google+ listing.

Why can't we search and find this page?

Is creating a new Google+ page going to create a duplicate listing? Or is it ok since the page he currently has does not allow someone to claim it and it is a brand, not a page? Our team is not certain on how to approach this.

We appreciate any advice.

Thank you!

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Here is the URL:

This is a verified listing.
Hi Joy,

A Google local page comes up, not the branded page. Do you know if having a branded google+ page will cause a problem with duplicates?

Thank you,
I just went through a similar issue with a client. From speaking with the Google rep, she told me it was fine to have both the brand page and local listing page for different purposes (the brand page being for posting and community management and the local listing for Maps, local search, etc.). Brand pages shouldn't show up in local at all. I was also informed that there wasn't any way to merge our brand page into the local page.

The page you referenced is definitely a brand page ( It also looks like you have a local listing page out there that is verified ( If you own these, both of them should show up in your basic dashboard when you log in with Google+. The Google My Business dashboard ( is only for local listing pages that you own, so I would check there too.
Thanks, Joy. Not sure why they told me otherwise. Bookmarking your article now.
Thank you both so much! I am going to start merging the pages.
We just had the same situation. I was made manager of both pages. I contacted Google support and was told that since I was a manager, and not the owner, I could not merge the pages. I sent the info to the client and they successfully merged the two.

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