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Oct 15, 2013
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Google My Business websites is a fairly new feature that's being rolled out. In Google My Business, not only do you have posts that you can add, you now can click on "websites" and add/publish a website.

I tested this "create a website" feature, and it's essentially a one-page website with your Google My Business information on it. I wouldn't call it a website, and it won't have any chance of ranking.

Here's the problem, though:

Google My Business websites can easily overwrite local businesses' website URLs in their Google local listing. The checkbox is ON by default, so if you publish your website then it will overwrite the URL that you currently have in your local listing.

If you have local SEO clients, you need to check all of their Google My Business listings to make sure they haven't overwritten the website URL that's listed in Google Local.

Admin, feel free to remove this URL below if links aren't allowed, but I've written a post that explains what happens, along with screen shots:
Great points all Bill! That's a real "gotcha".
Thanks for sharing this important info with us!

(And FYI, your link is fine. We allow relevant links from industry experts & well known bloggers.)

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