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Aug 27, 2019
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Our client received the email below from Google yesterday. They own 2 separate businesses located in a stand alone commercial building that are in 2 separate suites. The only differences in their addresses is the suite #. They were both approved and verified by Google 5 years ago. Now, out of the blue, 1 of the businesses has been designated a duplicate business and been removed from Google Maps.

Has anyone run into this situation before and if so how did you resolve it with Google?

Thanks for your help!

If they are in the same or similar categories, share a website and/or share a phone number, this isn't that unusual. Suite numbers make no difference.
Yeah. If they are truly separate businesses then you can contact support to rectify that.
In the one case that I have seen, support created a new listing to replace the old one that was merged into the other. They transferred all the reviews and images over. If you can avoid that and salvage the original one, that would be preferred for ranking purposes.

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