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Thanks, Linda (and Joy), for the shortcut. That is not one I had ever bookmarked. Appreciate it. Strange to see that link go missing suddenly ... thought I guess there's always the new GMB Twitter Handle. :D
I think they're trying to steer people away from phone support. Or it certainly seems so. I never use phone support anymore and think it's probably a good thing.
Thanks Scott & Joy! I agree, this looks like steering traffic away from phone support.
Too bad if they're steering away from phone support. Color me old school, but I prefer talking with someone rather than tweeting etc. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, everyone talked, we didn't have instant messaging technologies. Just sayin'.
I'd be on the same page as you Tim, if phone support was as reliable as twitter. Sadly, the jokes about what you get when you job out customer support to India seem to hold true for Google too. Twitter it is.
Everyone keeps mentioning Twitter but I have not had the same level of success it seems like you guys have. The support seems very slow, albeit because they're handling probably large volumes of issues.

Are you guys DM'ing or Tweeting to @googlemybiz?
I DM now because he knows who I am. I always get a response in 24 hrs
That's IS disturbing! Please someone chime in if anyone knows whether this is temporary or not.

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