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Dec 12, 2013
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This is weird,

I have a client that has TWO GMB listings that were created by google (or someone). Here are the facts

1. Neither or the listings have an actual address (but say "address is approximate can you help us improve it)
2. THey are both unclaimed (client never created them)
3. They are in completely different parts of town, far away from their actual office
4. They have a correct phone number.

It's interesting to me, as so often it's hard to get Google to create an office, in this case, they created two offices, without even having an address. Weird.

We are not going to claim them, since there isn't actually any office any where near there. . . just hope they stay for a while!
You can always delete them but I don't blame you for leaving them. It will likely drive the client traffic and since they're not verified, it's not like any harm can come to you as a result. I've found that these are normally old listings from previous SEO companies that got suspended but Google forgot to actually remove the listing from Maps.
@HoosierBuff Curious, does your client have a claimed, correct listing? Or just the two unclaimed listings?

Are you able to share the business details?

My client has one actual claimed listing, and then these two weird ones out there. I'm guessing they must have been created by a previous SEO company - because they are in areas that the client wants to target (this client has that type of situation where their office is 30 miles from where they wish to target).

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