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Jul 18, 2012
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I'm having a helluva time trying to get a client's website re indexed by Google.

Two weeks ago it was discovered that the client's website suddenly dropped in rankings- due to a Panda penalty.

After investigating we found that there was a malware injection in the WordPress core for viagra.

We got it removed and the site was climbing back up in the SERPS... but suddenly the website was deindexed by Google.

I reached out to a good SEO guy who can't figure out why the site is deindexed. He said it might be a manual penalty by Google.

The client's site is

This is driving me crazy. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
Hi Chris,

2 other problems that could be at play.

1) NO LINK to site on the G+ L page:[/B]out?gl=us&hl=en

So even if he ranked in organic, site would not connect with Place page in blended, so would not rank very high.

For "Dentist 33908" he ranks F in pack, but with no site just G+. If attached to site and site was not penalized he'd rank higher than that for Dentist Zip I would think.

If the link is in dash, which I assume it is, I wonder if it not showing live is due to the malware, so Google removed the link OR if it's a bug.

This is 2nd time in a week I've seen a missing URL.

2) Most of that footer text is close to being invisible so wonder if that caused a penalty?
Thanks Linda,

I updated the link to their G+L listing so that it's the updated URL format...

As for the footer text, the footer bg is black, and the text is white and green. I can't imagine that would be an issue.

Should I go to the GWMT forum and see if I can get help there? That's what my SEO guy recommended.
I updated the link to their G+L listing so that it's the updated URL format...

Sorry no Chris, a link TO the G+L is not what I was referring to.

Look at the G+ L page itself. NO link to their site.

Look at the search for City Dentist. No site, just G+ L page, because URL is missing on G+ page.

But yes, if you think site was dropped due to Malware warning I'd post there. I've been seeing lots of complaints about it. Or maybe read there in case a Googler or TC gave advice about what to do.
I checked and the URL is in the dashboard editor, but it's not showing in the listing.

Wonder if it's related to the deindexing.
Check MM. On both practice and Dr dupe the .com is cut off. Odd.

NEVERMIND. Just checked another listing that has URL showing and it does the same on MM.

But still interesting to note the URL is in MM listing, just not showing on live G+ L page.
What does Webmaster Tools tell you about the site?

Check there asap. It will tell you if there are any penalties and/or any malware issues.

If you haven't sent in a Malware reconsideration request yet, do that as well (inside the Tool).
Hi Greg,

Thanks for your input. We initially looked at their GWMT when we removed the malware... we fetched as Google, resubmitted sitemaps...

Went on the GWMT forum and posted our problem... may have been the Remove URL tool. My SEO guy removed some old URLs... may have triggered a full site de indexing.
You might get further just going ahead and submitting a reconsideration request even though it's off topic. I did that once for a site I thought was manually penalized. They sent me an email back telling me it wasn't manually penalized so, they do respond to sort of off-topic inquiries.

I'd do what the GWT forum tells you to do first and then if that doesn't help, try the reconsideration request.

Also, do you have access to their GWT? You said you checked it initially but something in your writing made me think you don't have constant access to it. If you do, scour it and see what you can find.

Was it GWT that led you to the Malware?

Also, even though you removed the Malware, it may just take time for Google to put it back in the system.

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