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Apr 25, 2013
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Hey all, I logged into a new client's Google Dashboard today and noticed there were two listings of the same business, one verified and one not. I opened the unverified and got this message at the top:


Clicking on "Learn More" brings up:


In addition to this, it isn't even possible to change any of the information on the Edit Business Information page.

The second picture makes it sound like this could even happen if the duplicate was claimed by someone else.

Anyone else see this? Thoughts?


Hi Matthew, I think I have seen this come up on the forum before, maybe.

In terms of a solution, can you simply remove the unverified listing from the dashboard?

Do you know if this account used to have the old dashboard and was recently upgraded to the new dashboard? I'm wondering if this situation is a result of an account with duplicate claimed listings in the old dash being upgraded to the new dash and both listings go along for the ride and then it causes a kind of glitch.
Ahh, I must have missed that. I didn't remember seeing that banner before so I thought I'd share it

And yeah, I was able to remove it fine.

No, very glad you posted because I'd forgotten about it. Only mentioned cuz Colan thought he'd seen something.

But I bet most missed it, so never hurts to share again.

Thanks for letting us know you could remove it just fine.

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