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Mar 28, 2016
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I have an HVAC client who is right on the cusp of Landing in the map pack for about all of his terms. His position in maps stays at its current position until I go to change the GMB categories.

When placing him as HVAC contractor as the main categories and then setting furnace repair service as the first secondary category after about an hour he ranks first across the board.

But after several hours the listings will go right back to where they were before. But if I go back into GMB and change the categories around and save and then go back in and change them 2 HVAC first furnace repair second then he goes back to being first in map packs again and then later dropping off several hours.

I have to go into gmb 2 times to get it to save my sort order

Any idea why these first place rankings won't hold?
I am willing to show anyone willing to help a fellow out. Everything else looks good. This just really stumps me, and is quite odd.
What are you using to check the position? Also, are you logged into an account when you check positions? It kind of sounds like you're seeing some personalization based on your browser.
Using brightlocal to check rankings. I ruled personalization out earlier. I can see the increase in analytics. Still waiting for data to show in GMB but I have one more day to go before I can verify the traffic there.

I ran adhoc reports to record the spikes. Basically I have a 7 hour "on" switch to keep him first for almost all his terms as far has heating, which should be now that he is straightened out.

. I even had someone cross country check. You can check.

Google "ac repair spokane" who is in the map pack three for you?
So I do believe I have narrowed it down to the client is getting filtered after 6 hours of ranking first.

I assume Google's main algorithm is ok with the client ranking first based upon all factors. But after 6 hours I'm believe another algorithm is kicking in filtering it down any thoughts I can rank him first for 6 hours and then it goes away I'm thinking bad backlink
I have seen cases like this where it temporarily adjusts ranking. Usually it's an indicator that you need to do a lot more for the listing. I would seriously caution you against doing this constant switching for an SAB as it could trigger a suspension. I would focus on other ways to increase the relevance to make it stick. Unfortunately ranking better is rarely as easy as choosing the right categories (although that is important).
Joy, I agree, I had stopped playing with categories and wont touch them for the next 30 days. After 24 hours the rankings are popping to 1st then back to 4th-6th on the map pack. Back and forth. No pattern. Different keywords move at different times. I have been watching this like a hawk. I have not changed anything in 24 hours

It looks now for 99% certainty that they might be testing HSA. He ranks first for ads in maps for same keywords on Adwords. looking at the two side by side you can see the shift in the map downwards to allow my client at the top. Thoughts? This is in Spokane, WA.
More people are starting to see ads in the 3-pack so I think Google is starting to test it more widely.
My next question is still related to the topic.

When I use Google my business app it will not save categories. It always defaults to what's in there now. Which is all categories selected but in random order. Which does not match what's on desktop Google my business.

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