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Jul 2, 2013
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Looking at my pages in Plus Local and it seems the "Insights" haven't been reporting since the 15th (I know it says the about 48 hours to populate, but we're over that time frame.

I'm a the point of unsure if its just me, or a bigger issue - is anyone else seeing this?
I think I've seen some reports over at the Google forum. I'm sick and trying to keep up best I can but am way behind on everything. When I get time I'll look and see if I can find any answers there or see if it's come up in any of my emails with Google.
Found at least 2 reports over at the G forum, all around the same time frame, so not just you.

I am escalating the issue to Google now and will try to remember to report back once I get some 'insight' on the issue. But if you want to follow along in case I get sidetracked, here is the main thread I escalated where any updates will be posted:

And here is the other thread:
Thanks, Cdawg and Linda. I can confirm: I'm seeing the same thing in my "Insights." April 15th does seem to be the start of the dead zone.
As Mike said in the G thread, Places stats often go on the blink.

Back in the old dash they were frequently down or messed up. I think Insights has been more stable so things are looking up and hopefully this will be short and temporary.
Hey Linda -

Just checked mine and yes it all seems to be working again!!

Thanks again - it is so helpful to have a place to check and to see if its just you, or something bigger :)

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