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Jun 30, 2021
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Has anyone seen this verbiage on the new SERP GBP management (my industry can no longer manage in the old dashboard).

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 4.04.36 PM.png

It has been way too long, and this seems to be stuck.

Reached out to GBP support but have not heard anything yet.

Under learn more I am able to check the verification status, but since the email associated manages more than 10 GBP listings, directed to reach out to GBP support for further assistance.

The client really needs this listing up and running.

Has anyone come across this yet?
No industry can manage in the GBP dashboard, everyone is redirected to the NMX.

Did you get an email from support after you submitted the ticket? If so reply directly to that email asking for an update. Unfortunately there is nothing else you can do but contact support, they are the only one's who can fix it. You can post on the GBP Community Forum as well and a product expert may be able to escalate the issue, but first trying to contact support on your end is your best bet.

Can you share more details on the verification, was it done by postcard or another method? Sometimes Google needs to verify multiple ways, and they may be trying to manually verify the business themselves but can not have enough proof online to verify the business (secretary of state listing, BBB etc.)
Surprisingly GBP support called me shortly after submitting another ticket (2 days later) ... they couldn't give details on why it was held up for verification, but it is now fully verified and showing up on the SERP.
Some categories take longer to process. It's so that Google can attempt to battle spam.

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