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Jul 23, 2012
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I follow about 30 locations and or businesses on Google +. In some cases they are still on the old Places analytics, some the new plus analytics. Uniformly, they all dropped dramatically on or about September 25 by substantial amounts. Since I hadn't seen any other threads on this, I wondered if only my clients, ranging from lawyers to bakeries, and from Miami to Irvine were the only ones affected.
Hi Randy,

Have not really been hearing any chatter but most consultants I know don't put much stock into the local stats since there are often problems.

Could be an algo update if you are seeing it across the board. But the results I'm tracking have not had a lot of movement. Could be something in common with all your clients that caused a drop. But most likely is just the stats not working right.

I'll Tweet and see if we can get feedback from others on what they are seeing.
Should add: There was no significant shifting of ranking. Some up a little, some down a little. Some old, well established retail brick and mortar. Some new service? No rhyme. No reason. :confused:
Hi Randy,

I am seeing the same thing across some of our clients, all service area businesses. Same mix of old and new dashboards, and I haven't seen a rankings drop.

Hopefully is just another stats issue.


We've actually experienced the same thing with our clients, all attorneys. Rankings haven't really changed, but there was steady traffic up until about September 23rd/24th, and then it just DROPS out of nowhere.

I figured it was probably part of all the updates that Google has been rolling out, but I still haven't really seen anyone talking about seeing this same change anywhere online.

Hi All,

Our accounts seemed to have recovered their data, with impression numbers back up to where we expect them to be, including during the dates it previously had almost all impressions drop off.

Anyone else seeing something similar?

We've actually just been noticing the same. All of our impressions seem to be making their way back up to where they were pre-drop. Definitely good news!

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